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  1. Rachel Peters' Makeup Secrets Revealed by Her Makeup Artist

The good old arch. Here, that arch is a deal breaker. If you can get your brow curving perfectly, you are honestly set for the best day ever.

Rachel Peters' Makeup Secrets Revealed by Her Makeup Artist

These girls rock it straight. Yes, you heard that right… totally and utterly straight. No bump, no curve, no arch.

And you know what, they look unbelievable. Eye bags. Them little bitches that no matter how much concealer you cake on, especially on a Monday morning, they just never seem to go away. Yes, eye bags are an actual thing.


It is common to use eyeshadow to create that under eye complexion. Wonder if I could donate my eye bags coz seriously babe all of Asia can have them. In the much-anticipated film " Les Miserables," two of Hollywood's most beautiful actors, Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman , are transformed into a disease-ridden prostitute and a hardened convict, respectively, and a new behind-the-scenes video shows how it was done.

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It's kind of tricky, isn't it," makeup artist Lisa Westcott said in the featurette posted on YouTube last Friday. To fully transform the actress into her prostitute character, Westcott painted over Hathaway's teeth to make them look a "bloody mess.