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  3. The Millionaire Mindset: How Ordinary People Can Create Extraordinary Income

Taken from his International Bestselling book by the same title, Gerry shows people how to create a wealthy mindset, techniques to become rich and he does it in a funny, practical and inspirational way. Imagine a huge Harley Davidson motorcycle driving on stage at your next convention and Gerry Robert using it to teach people how to win in life, how to stay motivated, how to achieve greater success.

They will remember your event if you select this talk from someone who has spoken to over 3 million people, including opening regularly for the likes of Tony Robbins and many others. Marketing is difficult in this day and age. This talk is the culmination of research on the mindset of consumers today as it relates to those of us who sell today. It identifies 12 marketing realities that any marketer has to contend with. These are not old, basic, rah-rah strategies. Gerry presents fresh, powerful, useful and practical strategies to gain market share, close more sales, generate tons more leads and create momentum with the latest marketing strategies.

For the better. DAY A Why is it when some people win the lottery, that within in a few short years they are broke again? It's because they never learned the secrets of thinking like a wealthy person. On the other hand, I have seen people at my seminars we have had over 1 million people come to my seminars and hear me speak live , who seize this way of thinking and turn their lives around. Bellum hasn't even started. He will become one of the Mega-Rich because he works hard on changing his thinking.

Results change when people change their thinking. Yet I see people who are constantly living their lives pay check to pay check, struggling all the while. They are trying to figure out how to get out of the woods, always going in circles, listening to the wrong people, and making poor choices over and over again. It seems life is such a drudgery and yet I have seen ordinary people, without business experience, simply take off financially.

This is exactly what happened to me.

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I didn't win the lottery. I simply acquired The Millionaire Mindset. You will too, by applying the strategies in this book.

Must Have Law Of Attraction Resource

It may not be easy, and there will be times when I am going to be blunt - although not as blunt as Bob. Do us both a favor: don't reject the idea. In Africa the natives use an ingenious method for catching monkeys. They hollow out a coconut shell by cutting a small hole in one end. The hole is barely large enough for a monkey's hand. Inside the hollowed shell they place a few peanuts. They connect the coconut shells to a thick, strong cord and wait in hiding for the monkeys.

The Millionaire Mindset by Gerry Robert - ilo's Blog

When a monkey discovers the nuts inside the shell, he reaches in and grasps them in his fist, but the hole is too small to allow the tightly clenched fist to escape. The native pulls on the cord and the monkey, who won't let go of those peanuts, is caught. Lots of people are like that. Too often we hold tightly to our own peanut ideas for fear we may lose them when all the while it is these very ideas holding us captive and preventing the freedom for which we long.

There will be many confrontations throughout this program,- confrontation between your old programming and your new programming. A "Ijyou are going to win a battle, you must ensure that the mind controls the body. You are in a battle. The battle will be between your old conditioning and new conditioning.

The Millionaire Mindset: How Ordinary People Can Create Extraordinary Income

I will make statements that will go directly against what you are conditioned to do, think and be. You are going to hear voices inside your head that are going to come from your programming that will go directly against what you are going to read in this book. All I am going to ask you to do is trust in the process. Through this system I'll give you everything I can to make the mental shift you need to make so you can have more of what you deserve in life, be the kind of person you want to be, go to the places you want to go and in the style you want to go, irrespective of your old conditioning, your friends, and maybe even what your spouse thinks you can and should do.

I am going to give you everything I've got. Everything in this program is designed to be practical and useful. Waiting with her mother at the checkout stand, she saw them, a circle of glistening white pearls in a pink foil box. Can I have them? Please, please, mommy? That's almost two dollars. If you really want them, in no time you can save enough to buy them jor yourself. Your birthday is only a week away and you might get another crisp dollar bill from Grandma.

After dinner, she did more than her share of chores and went to the neighbor's house and asked Mrs. Mcjames if she could pick dandelions for ten cents. On her birthday. Grandma did give her another new dollar bill and, at last, she had enough money to buy the necklace.

Jenny loved her pearls. They made her feel dressed up and grown up. She wore them everywhere, even to bed. The only time she took them off was when she was swimming or had a bubble bath.

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Mother had said if they got wet, they might turn the back of her neck green. Jenny had a very loving daddy and every night when she went to bed, he would stop whatever he was doing and come upstairs to read her a story. One night when he had finished the story, he asked Jenny. Daddy, you know I love you. The one with the pink tail, remember. The one you gave me. She is my favorite. About a week later, after the story, Jenny's daddy asked again.

Daddy loves you. A few nights later when he came in, Jenny was sitting on her bed with her legs crossed in Indian style. As he came close, he noticed her chin was trembling and one silent tear ran down her cheek. With a little quiver, she finally said, "Here, Daddy, it's jor you. What are you hanging onto? What beliefs are holding you back? Poverty Consciousness What are your views on money? Wallace D. Wattles said this: "Whatever may be said in praise oj poverty, thejact remains that it is not possible to live a really complete or successjul lije unless one is rich.

How to Become Rich and Wealthy Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T Harv Eker

Piper had this to say about the subject That is the all-important question and one we will examine in this book. If you are like most people, you will fall somewhere between Wattles and Piper.

I would like you to relax your body right now. Mentally let go of all your problems and stresses of life and play this mental game with me. Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich. You feel great. You think of your accomplishment. I want you to dream with D6II6V6 fn6 me. What kind of clothes are you going whot th6 maSS6S to find in your closet? If you are a millionaire, or maybe a multi-millionaire, to what location think IS will you fly for your next vacation?