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Courtesy of the History Museums of San Jose. William Wirt Winchester, age unknown. Moreover, the name Annie Pardee corresponds with the number 56 in the Pythagorean Cipher. In a different way, each of the names William 34 Winchester 52 and Annie 25 Winchester 52 when simplified, equate to the number However, the name Annie Winchester simplified or not still corresponds with the number 77 Pythagorean Cipher.

And just to insure we would understand that the connection between the number 52 and the name Winchester are not accidental Sarah deliberately placed coded inscriptions on the three tombstones of the Winchester family plot. These are not coincidences—and we know what these and other numbers meant to Sarah. As already noted, Sarah was weaving her tapestry of numbers long before she began the construction of her house. Her connection with Francis Bacon is undeniable.

As we shall further see, Sarah had every reason to identify with Bacon, philosophically, artistically and spiritually. The architect theme shows up in virtually everything he produced. It is his foundation for what would later become Speculative Freemasonry, and, as we have seen, it is ubiquitous throughout his Shakespearean work. The architecture as art legacy was first passed down by the Roman architect and philosopher Marcus Vitruvius Pollio. It was Vitruvius who first expounded the virtue of the mathematical value of Phi the Divine Proportion, Golden Ratio, etc.

He held that architecture was the noblest and most perfect of all the art forms. This rational system of numbers is known as the Fibonacci sequence. As we have seen, he was the mastermind who single-handedly sired the English Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment that would follow. Moreover, it was Bacon who gave the Rosicrucian movement its name and articulated its purpose.

Moreover, Bacon applied the theme of concealment to everything he touched—including his own life the same was equally true of Sarah Winchester. Francis Bacon and Sarah Winchester both understood that the only way to reveal all that nature conceals is through the transcendental science of numbers. Therefore, following her loss of Annie and William, Sarah began to write not with words as Bacon had , but truer to the Vitruvian tradition she chose speak to us in the pure language of numbers and architecture over a backdrop of concealment. In order to discover its underlying meaning, one must follow the path of the initiate.

Program transcript

To that end Sarah carefully crafted Masonic and Rosicrucian features into the structure of her labyrinthine House. Her concept of initiation closely parallels the Masonic and Rosicrucian method of subjecting the initiate to a series of progressive steps or Degrees in which he is forced to develop his powers of intuition and insight. At the outset of each Masonic Degree the initiate Candidate expresses his wish to receive Light. This is symbolically important as the east represents the source of Light Knowledge and Wisdom.

Winchester regarded everyone who stepped onto her property as a prospective initiate. Each gate is decorated with the Sun symbol with 16 radiants. This symbol was used by Bacon in many of his engravings. The significance of the 16 radiants is multi-layered. It marked both the death of his front man Will Shaksper, and the birth of his new, secret society of Speculative Freemasonry—and this was the year in which Bacon wrote and published his third and final Rosicrucian Manifesto The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz.

For all Masonic initiates Candidates , these are the first features they will pass through when entering the Lodge room. View of the House from the front gate.

Cosmic waves discovery could unlock mysteries of intergalactic space

Instead of allowing admittance in the front of her House, Mrs. Winchester required people to enter from the rear, through one entrance strategically located near the northwest corner. Her reason for this has to do with the fact that all Masonic initiates must enter the Lodge room through its northwest corner. It has 44 tiny steps. Each step is just under 2 inches in height. Thus, the effect is more like walking up a ramp than climbing a set of stairs.

Additionally, the staircase has 7 turns. The Ballroom. The Shakespearean Windows. Courtesy of the Winchester Mystery House. The two stained glass windows incorporate designs that were used by Francis Bacon—including his familiar winding banner. With the exception of the inscriptions written on the banners, the windows are exact mirror images of each other. Knowing the occidental mind reads from left to right, Sarah wants the initiate to start with the left window. As we shall see, Sarah provided numerous coded messages to confirm her connection with Bacon.

The inscription on the banner in the right window reads:. The expanded text from which these words appear reads:. Again, we should not be surprised that Sarah introduces us to her puzzle by demonstrating her view of her relationship to Bacon.

The Mayan Prophecies: Unlocking the Secrets of a Lost Civilization

This is precisely the effect Sarah wanted the inscriptions to have on us. Sarah knew that most people would simply shrug their shoulders and walk away. We are actually dealing with a choice between two options: one, either Mrs.

Seeking to recapture the spirit of the Renaissance.

Winchester was crazy, or two, she is cleverly guiding us toward an understanding of the methodology she employs for the sole purpose of solving her puzzle. For those who would choose the first option, go ahead and walk away—many other people have already preceded you! However, once you conclude that Sarah was sane, and you opt to go with door number two, you are compelled to see that there is a rational purpose behind all of these seemingly insane features built into the structure of the House.

Moreover, you must then conclude that these Shakespearean Windows function as the introductory step of Mrs. However, the revelations and insights to be gained through the initiatic process must be earned. Like all of the other anomalous features we find in the House, Sarah wanted the display of apparent irregularity in the Shakespearean Windows to utterly shock our sensibilities. These windows were meant for other people!

Sarah has left instructions. She wants us to know and understand certain things.

"The Lost Symbol" - Magic Squares and the Masonic Cipher

She has gone to great pains to leave a trail of clues that will lead us to the truth. All we have to do is pay close attention and follow those clues. Notice that, in choosing to use these two particular lines, she is accomplishing several things on different and deeper levels. First, Sarah wants us to achieve a better understanding of her by comparing her with Cressida and Richard II.

The deeper truth about Cressida is that she does whatever she must in order to survive—and Sarah, in her own way, saw herself as a survivor. Clearly, Mrs. As with all things in the House, there is more, here, than meets the eye. We remember that the number 45, with regard to the Pythagorean Cipher, corresponds to the name Shakespeare.

Additionally, the number 55 Pythagorean Cipher matches the name Hiram Abiff. Furthermore, with regard to the two Shakespearean inscriptions, Sarah has deliberately omitted the first word in each 8 word line so as to leave only 7 words in each line. Unquestionably, she is talking to us in a numbered code. Like Bacon, Sarah uses encryption code to guide us to higher levels of insight. But then, where are we to find such a book?

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And Tables? Where is the Encryption Table? Because we are already familiar with Numerological Tables, we know that in displaying the numbers 1 through 9, Sarah is alluding to the Pythagorean Table. However, she has ingeniously raised the bar by including 13 sub panels with each of the 9 main panels.

But, she has done something unexpected. In showing us 9 sets of the number 13, she has forced us to multiply. In fact, she has already done it for us. Moreover, we have the numbers 11 and 7 standing side-by-side. Thus, Sarah induces us to multiply 11 x 7.

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Going back to the windows we now have the answer to our original question. In one simple lesson, Sarah has skillfully introduced the initiate to the rudiments of her number system.